Fortune Cookie- best slot to play for enjoyment

Through this post I am going to tell about my best gaming experience with fortune cookie. This one, I played first time when I was in Australia. I was very impressed with it. I went there with my friend; actually I went there for my vacations. So I had almost one week for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I decided to have some fun with him. We spent almost full day in casinos and bars. I won many cash from over there so we did party with beers and delicious food. I played many games and also I found there some online live dealing feature. Basically this feature is for those people who want to play it with other ones.

If you want to play these on your phones so there are so many app available in the android market, which you can play at anywhere. I will definitely give an advice to all my users that always play any one firstly with a trail version. This is because I am saying from my personal experience. When I started playing pokies first time I used to play with real money and now I realize that was my biggest mistake. So I will suggest all the users to make sure when you will get experience in any game. Every person has its own lucky number and some people also relate it in very games or bet with his numbers.

The concept of these are very simple and also provides a great chance to win huge amount of money. The slot machine consist of a lever and a 3 screen display screen and the only chance of winning is that when you get exactly same numbers on all the screens, just pull the lever and rest leave it your luck.

I think before start playing any one I always prefer to going through the rules and strategies. It helps me a lot to understand it. In the end of this post I thank to the friend you suggested me pokies. And all you just try it once.