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I am a war journalist and went to many places like Libya, Somaliya etc. I have been captured during my work and tortured and publicly urinated on for 4 days. I still remember the days when I used to be a kid who left the small town in Canada just to fulfil his dreams of being something big. I am Paul delight the guy who reports at the war. Once I had a letter that my father had died and I should be there to hear the will. I never went to my hometown since I had left it has been 10 years from then. I was a little bit excited about going there having hope of meeting my girlfriend Joe.

When I get there with my English accent my brother who was angry with me insisted on me stopping there for a while. I went to a cottage between hills to stay and it had a marvellous view of the hills. I had thousands of books there in shed of my father. I was going to stop there for a while so I had started teaching English in school. The students of school were growing much faster. Pretty much like Friday parties booze and sex was got common.

I was shocked how much my hometown had changed but I liked the only thing about it which was its silence. I had a little attachment grown up with a kid there named Jane she comes to my place for borrowing books and used to talk me about outer world and future.

One day when she told me she was going to run away tonight. I got shocked and tried everything to stop her from going but she did not listen to me. Then at last I started playing an online casino game in my phone named lucky nugget. It was much like any other slot but a little bit different because of its mind blowing user interactions and the combination out of reels had to make for winning the jackpot and making a big fortune.

Jane saw me playing that and she started that too. She liked it so much that she borrowed my phone that night and played the game all night long. She changed her decision of going out of that town till her graduation.

Awesome Game Of Octopays Casino

There are many games of pokies which will force you to go on with and will give the full pleasure. The best thing which I like about the pokies is that you will not any chance of getting bored when you start sailing on its boat. Recycling of the refreshment of mind is done at every step and you will feel as the habitat of the world of pokies. By the way talking about the gambling, you will get the chance of going through it through online also. I am in habit of going through the Octopays which is the best one for them who want to make their voyage.

Generally I am in habit of eating while playing with some beer which gives me the feel as if I am sitting in the real casino and enjoying it. The best thing about this one is that you will the facility of free spins which increases the chance of getting the most. This one had been designed and maintained by the microgaming and you make the betting ranging from $0.01 to the max of $300. This one is featured with five reels and you make the winning combination in 243 ways.

It is not going to provide you any options of bonus symbols. To activate the option of free spins, the simple thing which you will have to do is to make the hit of the symbols of the same kind in the reels which are active. The symbols which comes on the middle reel will act as the wild one and will give you the double winning characteristic. The meaning is clear that the image had been percepts that betting will give you many gifts and prizes which will keep you stuck with the event. You will love the graphics and the sound of Octopays.

Pokies Kingdom Of Oriental Fortune

You would have heard the proverb that “fortune favours the brave”. In the same way you will find the way of winning anything but the most important thing which I feel is the fortune. Prion to this year I was also newbies in the world of betting but thanks to my cousin who insited me to go through it for the fun and entertainment during the game.

I made my debut in the pokies kingdom through online which will give you tons of suggestion with the links which will help you learning the tricks and strategy which will lead you to make the win. The game which I generally go for the play is the Oriental Fortune which is based on the lifestyle of the ancient China. This one will facilitate you with five reels and same number of paylines which is designed by the microgaming and you will get the chance to make the betting of single coin through each line with the betting range of $0.25 to the max of $5.

You will find yourself in the position that you are in the ancient era of China. The best part of this one is that you will get the chance of making the arrangement of the symbols from both side that is from left to right and from right to left which doubles the chance of winning. The symbols which are used in this one is for bigger win is the golden statues, dragons and the fish.

The biggest win which is of 5,000 coins can be achieved when you will hit five of the wild symbol of the play which is the symbol of the logo of the entitled one that is the Oriental Fortune. The theme and the graphics of this one is based on the chinese style with awesome music which will steal your heart and will not allow to move out of the play. If you really want to get the feel of the place you should go for it.

Lucky stars

It was a time when I used to be a gym trainer in New York. Having a good physique and lack of mind I did not have much money. My only dreams were to get rich anyhow; I was ambitious and ready to do anything that got me into troubles sometimes. But I remember a time when it got so much trouble. There were two friends of mine in the gym rock and snoop they both were ambitious like me. I had a client rich as bill gates whom I train for physique. He used to tell me about his work and how much money he was making. After listening from him I decided to double cross him and took the money from him.

I made a plan with two of my friends of kidnapping him and make and extortion this plan was good with a van of mine and garage I had where I intended to put him. We kidnapped him and started torturing him until he said something that I never liked, he called me useless and beggar so I punched him like four times and his breathing stopped. I was shocked and became a proper killer that time. I was afraid that my craving had took me to this much trouble.

We were drinking in a pub when a guy named Stephen came to us and he was playing something in his phone. An online casino and he told me how much money had he made from this. After hearing about this I started playing this interesting pokie named lucky stars. This game had 3 reels and line of slots. Multipliers of 5x and other options made it much more fun. And I found an easy way to make fortune with fun.

After that day I stopped the crimes and my eagerness to be a millionaire got true.

Get the combo pack – Argyle Open

This is really very astonishing when you find the name of any game which is based on the name of any other form of game. Actually this post is full of the ideas and experienced which I gained from the pokies world. I was not aware of gambling before this year and made my debut in its arena when I was in Australia last year to meet my uncle. He took me to the place of betting and forced me to try my luck on the poker machine. He cleared out my hesitation and obstacles whichever I found during the play.

I was fortunate that I was on the gaining side during my debut which boosted me to get in touch with this. He also advised me to get in touch with this world if I do not find any way to go to the casinos and that can be done by the use of the online pokies.

This service will give you the immense feel of joy and entertainment. This event is based on the name of the tournament of the some other play which is also famous worldwide and the name of that one is golf. I found Argyle Open the most suitable for me to make the start through the service of internet play. The name of the contest is very similar to the tournament of the golf such as The British Open, The U.S Open and many more.

This one is designed by the microgaming which gives you the feature of five reels and forty paylines which gives you the opportunity to try your luck and to make the perfect use of that for making the arrangement of the symbols which will greet you with some attractive prizes and sometime you will also get the chance to earn some real cash too. This one is totally themed on the field of golf and during the play you will get the feel as if you are in the field of golf.